Denturism training in France
18 janvier 2020
Registration information and registration day
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How to register

If the trainee accepts the terms, a training contract will be sent to him/her on request, in duplicate.
Registration to a training course becomes effective when the trainee returns the training contract duly completed and signed, accompanied by the following compulsory elements :

The amount of the tuition fees (Article 4 of the General Conditions, financial provisions) is as follows :

  • Registration fee: €135.00 upon receipt of the training contract signed by the trainee.
  • Either a monthly payment.
  • Or a quarterly payment.
  • Or the total payment of 2500€ for the current year of study

or the take-over agreement signed by the employer or paying agency.
A copy of the general terms and conditions dated and signed.
A photocopy of the national identity card (or valid passport or residence card for foreigners).
A photocopy of the Diploma(s)
2 recent passport photos, with the trainee's name on the back,
2 stamps at the current letter rate,
An updated CV,
A letter of motivation.

This registration procedure therefore engages the trainee's contractual responsibility.

The constituent parts of the file should be returned to the address provided at the time of application for registration.

registration form


N° registration training organization : 11770635977

Siège Social : 14 B avenue des fougères 77340 Pontault-Combault