Denturism training in France
18 janvier 2020
Registration information and registration day
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Objectives :

Objectives of the Denturology program over 3 years in conformity with the F.I.D. according to the texts in force in France

The Denturist curriculum is to train experienced, competent and expert dental technicians in their field who: can practice independently and without supervision within oral health care teams for upgrading and better collaboration with dental surgeons and stomatologists.

The Roles will be the following and not exhaustive :

Ethics and respect in the care and needs of the patient with the choice of the best treatment.
Analysis and evaluation of the functional and esthetic needs of the recipients of removable dentures.
Study of unfavourable pathologies or pathologies to be treated before fitting.
Physiological analysis with endo-buccal examination.
Establishment of a treatment plan.
Taking of impressions and the necessary articulations.
Identification of possible dysfunctions, their origin and treatment.
Treatment of partial dentures
Ethnic criteria and specificities of prosthetic realizations.
Putting into the mouth and fitting of a removable denture.
The title "Denturist or Denturology" in this document includes internationally used titles referring to qualified dental technicians who have received advanced clinical training in the field of practice of removable dentures.

Denturists should continue to be encouraged to develop a strong base in biomedical sciences. These range from anatomy to physiology of the body with particular emphasis on the head and neck. Studies should also include nutrition. Students should learn basic pharmacology and therapeutics. It is essential that the curriculum be relevant. Behavioural sciences, including knowledge of social and cultural influences and communication skills should be integrated with other components throughout the studies.

Students should :

Know and understand biomedical sciences, oral physiology, craniofacial and oral anatomy in the context of managing their patients.

Be familiar with aspects of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry relevant to the practice of the Denturist.


N° registration training organization : 11770635977

Siège Social : 14 B avenue des fougères 77340 Pontault-Combault