Denturism training in France
18 janvier 2020
Registration information and registration day
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Prerequisite :

Admission requirements

A person is eligible for the program if he or she meets the general admission requirements as defined in the following conditions :

Holder of the vocational baccalaureate for 3 years
Holder of the CAP of dental technician (for graduates before the introduction of the Bac Pro)
To be holder of the BTS in dental prosthetics
To be holder of the BTM in dental prosthetics

Have been in business for 5 years

CV and supporting documents.

Duration of training course: 3 years

The registration procedure is initiated by the request for a registration file (registration form, telephone call, etc...).

After having collected the applicant's personal information (surname, first name, date and place of birth, contact details, profession, status, level of education),
the training company issues an estimate (legal information) and an order form (simplified contractualization and special financial provisions : possible reductions, credit notes or other) accompanied by a programme on which appears the nature of the training course,
its objectives (educational and professional),
the target public, its progress, the process of validation of knowledge, the names of the speakers, the date and titles of the training courses.

Since January 2017, in order to be financed, training must be carried out by a training organisation referenced by the funder.

In other words, it must have met the six quality criteria defined by the law of 5 March 2014. This is a guarantee of credibility both for companies and for employees receiving training.
To simplify the task of training organisations, indicators make it possible to judge compliance with these criteria.
It is in the interest of companies to encourage the training organisations with which they regularly work to register, where appropriate, on the database Datadock, which allows a single application to be submitted by a training organisation, with a view to referencing it to one or more continuing vocational training funders.

Our establishment meets the requirements described by the Decree n°2015-790 of June 30, 2015 on the quality of continuing vocational training activities. Our training organisation (OF) can now be referenced in the database Datadock.

Duration of training course: 3 years

The total duration includes 430 hours of general education courses common to all programs, 155 hours of general education courses specific to the program, and 90 hours of additional general education courses.< br> The durations correspond to the theoretical training and laboratory work of the courses; they therefore exclude the student's personal working hours.

Classes on Saturdays and Sundays to be accessible to all.

If the trainee accepts the terms, the training company will then send him/her a training contract in duplicate.

The amount of the school fees (Article 3 or 4 of the general conditions, financial provisions) is as follows :

Registration fee: €135.00

prices :

  • Either the total payment of 2500€ for the current study year,
  • Or by monthly payment.
  • Either by quarterly instalments.
  • For a payment of 2500€ per year of study must a total of 7500€ for the 3 years of study.

or the assumption of responsibility agreement signed by the employer or the paying body,
A copy of the general terms and conditions dated and signed,
A photocopy of the national identity card (or passport or residence card for foreigners with a valid passport),
A photocopy of the Diploma(s) (Diploma of Access to University Studies),
2 recent passport photos with the trainee's name on the back,
2 stamps at the current "letter" rate,
an updated CV,
a letter of motivation.

This registration procedure therefore engages the trainee's contractual responsibility.

The constituent parts of the file should be returned to the address provided at the time of application for registration.



Analysis of periodontal-osteo-mucosal clinical indices, fibromucosal quality, gingival index, bone infrastructure of the bearing surface.


The key to providing good dental care is the ability to communicate with patients from all walks of life. An understanding of social issues is therefore an important part of the Denturist curriculum.


The teaching of human pathology provides students with a general overview of the manifestation of human diseases and disorders as well as an understanding of the diagnostic services used in screening and treatment. By providing a foundation in this subject for future denturists, they will be prepared to communicate effectively with physicians and dentists to ensure the best patient care.

Validation conditions :

Validation tests of each module during the 3 years QCM
Validations of the practical works

Presentation of thesis/memoir at the end of the cycle.

Job title(s)


In addition to the current possibilities of care via the usual training prescribers (OPCA, Region, FONGECIF, Pole Emploi),Financer sa formation
there are other solutions to carry out your training project serenely. Indeed, have you thought of financing your training over a period of your choice (from 1 to 5 years)?

Current rates (APRs) for financing personal projects are historically very low.

As a first step, we advise you to get in touch with your bank or turn to specialized organizations and quickly access your training project! Consult this page to give you an idea.


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