Denturism training in France
18 janvier 2020
Registration information and registration day
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Training over 3 years:

The total duration includes 430 hours of general education courses common to all programmes, 155 hours of general education courses specific to the programme and 90 hours of supplementary general education courses. The durations correspond to the theoretical training and laboratory work of the courses and therefore exclude the student's personal working hours.

Start of training January 18, 2020

Theme of the day:

Presentation of the profession and training
stakeholders: A doctor from the University Hospital, Thierry SUPPLIE, a General Practitioner, a Stomatologist, an osteopath...
List of teachers, establishment of the list of course dates for the first year as well as issuance of the rules of procedure and the complete programme


N° registration training organization : 11770635977

Siège Social : 14 B avenue des fougères 77340 Pontault-Combault