Denturism training in France
18 janvier 2020
Registration information and registration day
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The newly qualified Denturist should demonstrate :


  • Teaching and learning methods based on curiosity and the exploration of knowledge rather than its passive acquisition
  • A desire to solicit and act on the evidence, an ability for introspection and an appreciation of the need to participate in peer review
  • An awareness of personal limitations, a willingness to ask for help when needed, and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • An understanding of patients' rights, particularly with regard to confidentiality and informed consent
  • An awareness of moral and ethical responsibilities in the provision of care to individual patients and populations
  • An appreciation of the importance of honesty and loyalty
  • An understanding of controls and clinical governance
  • An awareness that Denturists should at all times strive to provide and support the highest quality patient care.
  • An awareness of the importance of one's own health and its impact on one's ability to practice as a Denturist.
  • An awareness of the need for continued professional development to ensure that the highest levels of clinical competence and knowledge are maintained.


The newly qualified Denturist should be able to :


  • Demonstrate a wide range of cross-disciplinary skills, including examination, analysis, problem solving, planning, communication, presentation and team skills.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, family and friends, dental team members and other health care professionals.
  • Obtain and document a patient history, interpret a treatment plan or prescription, and perform an appropriate examination of the patient.
  • To detect the presence of oral disease, including abnormalities that may require further investigation, and to make appropriate arrangements.
  • Evaluate and apply evidence-based techniques and treatments related to the provision of dental appliances
  • Design and document a comprehensive review, make appropriate visual and tactile assessments, interpret the results based on available information, and arrange for further evaluation and revision.
  • Interpret and participate in the treatment plan developed for the provision of a removable denture and evaluate progress.
  • Identify problems in the course of treatment and propose other treatment options such as preventive or adjunctive treatments.
  • To adopt, at the highest possible levels, the clinical and dental technological procedures inherent in his/her field of expertise, including techniques to prevent future problems and the ability to improve the oral health of individuals.


N° registration training organization : 11770635977

Siège Social : 14 B avenue des fougères 77340 Pontault-Combault